About us

Times have changed, so have the way people live, work and do business, but businesses involving Industrial Equipment hasn't adapted. 
As a result of market conditions, observations & experiences, our founders at ANM ALLIANCE paved the way to create the vision for GMC, based on the success of Synergy to provide Contracted Services for nearly 3 years now.  
The idea to integrate marketing methods to suit the way companies work in this industry, there comes “GMC" - Global Marketing Company, founded in 2015.
GMC’s powerful marketing team with its enriched experience of nearly 40 years now, have evolved to provide Contracted Marketing Services to Manufacturers eager to reach out to End Users and Customers in India to know,  understand and share the information about their product and its capabilities which can greatly assist in their required application area. 
GMC’s Current Portfolio of MarCom Services Provided: 
- Electronic Mailers (e-shots)
- Tele-Marketing
- Social media 
- Printed Media Mass Mailing
- In-House Seminars
- Customer Seminars
- Symposiums
- Industry Specific Trade Shows
- Application Lab Hands-on Training
- Training Centre 
- Speed Dating with Key Decision Makers
- Create Distribution Network of Channel Partners
- OnLine Market Place to sell Products (TBA)
- Assist to integrate Contracted Admin Companies
- Assist to integrate Contracted Service & Support Companies
Along with our carefully and simply crafted website we target to engage customers by delivering experiences that are relevant, helpful and personalized.     
Our target is clear; provide marketing services that makes life easier. 
We’re Trend Settlers 
We're tired of confusing, complicated marketing management, we keep it simple. 
We're tired of complex pricing, we keep it simple.
We have now launched our Online Market Place portal GMeCOM to make life a little more convenient. 

GMeCOM offers you Lab and Analytical Products for your QC/QA, R&D Laboratories related to Industries like Pharmaceuticals, Petroleum, Chemicals, Bio-Tech, Water, Paints & Coatings, Food & Beverages, Environment, Health & Bio-Medical, Automobiles, Electronics etc. 

Our ancestors once said, “CHANGE WITH TIME……OR TIME WILL CHANGE!”

150,000+ Verified Customer-base, 1,500 Channel Partners, Nationwide Network, Dedicated Professionals, 40 Years of Reputation……..
                            ……………… GMC INDIA…..YOUR ACCESS TO SUCCESS  
a Company within ANM ALLIANCE. Endless Possibilities Begin Here!