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0.1ml Micro Insert

0.1ml, 31x6mm micro insert (For 9mm Vial)
Rs. 2,362.5

0.1ml micro insert with assemb...

0.1ml, 31x6mm micro insert with assembled plastic spring (For 9mm Vial)
Rs. 2,362.5

0.2ml micro insert vial (For 9...

0.2ml, 31x6mm flat bottom micro insert vial (For 9mm vial)
Rs. 283.5

0.3 ml PP micro Vial

0.3  ml (300μl) PP micro Vial (0.3ml capacity)
Rs. 260.1

1.1ml High recovery vial

1.1ml  Clear  Glass  HIGH  RECOVERY  Screw  type  vials,  without  write-o...
Rs. 4,725

1.5ml Amber glass crimp vial

1.5ml  Amber  Glass  Crimp  type  vials,  without  write-on
Rs. 283.5