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Water Analysis

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Basic Photometer

Basic Photometer without any parameters loaded. Will require to purchase required paramet...
Rs. 58,500

COD Photometer

Photometer + COD Adaptor + COD Digester
Rs. 122,850

Conductivity Meter

EC(0-1999 μS/cm)|(0.0-1,999 mS/cm)
Rs. 3,960

Digital Meter for Swimming Poo...

Hand-held pool water photometer for testing swimming pool water
Rs. 14,400

Electronic Meter for pH-, ORP-...

pH (0.00 - 14.00) ORP (+/-1999mV) Temp. (0 - 50°C)
Rs. 12,285

Hazen/APHA/Pt-Cobalt Photomete...

Basic Photometer to measure Hazen/APHA/Pt-Cobalt Colour.
Rs. 61,425